What Impact are you Co-Creating?

Our mission for Co-Creating Impact is Removing the Social Media Mask without judgement, to learn and grow from one another. To continue to build this strong, compassionate, and accepting community.

Welcome to our online home where we gather around to be seen, heard, and validated. Exploring music, listening to podcasts, and getting to know our Co-Creating Impact Co-Creators.

Co-Creating Impact represents an all-inclusive community collaborating/co-creating with one another to flourish.

It all begins with Removing the Social Media Mask.

We are dedicated to serving our community by committing to hold space for you to be heard without judgement. When we are able to tell our story it can lift a weight off of our shoulders. It also helps others to see they’re not alone.

We encourage you to listen to our podcasts as we get straight to the point of Removing the Social Media Mask from ‘Every Day People’. Learning some of the tools and resources they explored to ‘Get Through This Thing Called Life’. As you can tell with the song lyric references, we love our music around here too!

Become a Co-Creator

Are you ready to share what has helped you with Removing the Social Media Mask by sharing what’s beneath your smile as we are all slowing down for mental health? Join our Co-Creating Impact community by filling out the form.

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