Family History

Knowing our family history is so important for many reasons. Anastacia shares details of finding her blood relations through Ancestry DNA after going with her instincts of feeling like an outsider for so long. Keeping secrets can be damaging when it comes to our family history. Once the truth comes out, it’s such a relief. […]

Vet Life 4 Life

Trigger Warning. We are talking with the founder of Vet Life 4 Life, Shawn aka the Veteran Guy about the veterans that take their life and the importance of this is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization to help veterans. His motto is “Don’t just talk about it, Be about it”. Shawn is a 9 […]

Long Haul Covid Survivor

Long Haul Covid Survivor, Christina shares her story with having the Coronavirus which lingered into what is now called the Coronavirus Long Haul. She, as a long haul survivor says, “It is NOT your fault! No matter how careful you are, it is still not your fault!” Christina is a member of the Survivor Corps […]

Paramedic Reset

Gina shares her Paramedic Rest story with Lori, Co-Creating Impact by Removing the Social Media Mask. Our paramedics are everyday superheroes!! Gina was aware of the psychological ramifications that come with such a stressful but rewarding career. I’m impressed that she was able to take the much needed break from it for her own health. […]

A Mothers Love

Some of us take a mothers love for granted. Some of us grow up without a mother or with a toxic mother. Does that make us become less loving as parents? The death of Leo’s parents and life as an adopted child to 2 different families, left her with many unanswered questions. Even though she’s […]