Gina shares her Paramedic Rest story with Lori, Co-Creating Impact by Removing the Social Media Mask.

Our paramedics are everyday superheroes!! Gina was aware of the psychological ramifications that come with such a stressful but rewarding career. I’m impressed that she was able to take the much needed break from it for her own health.

The level of details that was necessary to tack onto our Paramedics workload to ensure safety during the Covid Pandamic is daunting. The awareness that the Paramedics had of the added potential danger within their job brought Gina to the realization that it was time for her to just take a step back from this whole different level of stress.

Gina is such an inspiration with realizing it was time for her to have a paramedic reset.

We appreciate Gina co-creating impact by removing the social media mask and taking care of her mental health by sharing her paramedic reset.

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