Long Haul Covid Survivor

Long Haul Covid Survivor, Christina shares her story with having the Coronavirus which lingered into what is now called the Coronavirus Long Haul. She, as a long haul survivor says, “It is NOT your fault! No matter how careful you are, it is still not your fault!”

Christina is a member of the Survivor Corps group. This is a group of individuals who survived COVID, but now are battling the long haul symptoms that are left after the virus. In addition to the debilitating symptoms, many of the members are also dealing with family members who do not believe or support them.

Christina’s oldest sister, who is also a doctor, is a big reason she survived the virus and it strengthened their relationship.

Christina is a Confidence Coach, and she plans on using her Social Media platforms with her sister to talk about how other long haul Covid survivors can deal with not having family support at this uncertain and scary time in their lives.

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