Family History

Knowing our family history is so important for many reasons. Anastacia shares details of finding her blood relations through Ancestry DNA after going with her instincts of feeling like an outsider for so long.

Keeping secrets can be damaging when it comes to our family history. Once the truth comes out, it’s such a relief. And the truth always comes out! There may be some investigating and bumps along the way but the truth always come out!!!

To get to know your blood family can be such a blessing. Some people may never have that opportunity and some aren’t too receptive. However, Anastacia finally feels like she fits in once she got to know her blood relations after so many years of not knowing her family history.

There are many twists and turns within her story but she says that she places the highest value on family now. Don’t miss this inspirational story!

Welcome Anastacia to our Co-Creator family!

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