Family Recovery from Addiction

Let’s remove the stigma of family recovery from addiction. Debbie is sharing how addiction affects the entire family along with some fantastic resources.

Addiction is the one disease where pain is the motivator for change. It is caused by a complex set of factors to include; genetic, environmental, fitting in, or it was just fun at first. As humans we all have underlying pain and/or place of lack inside. We may fill that feeling of lack inside with a healthy or unhealthy thing.

Debbie helps women learn to overcome obstacles in order to discover opportunities for growth and action by dismantling old belief patterns that operate as barriers and sources of confusion.

She is a certified Inquiry-Based Coach who is also trained in The Work of Byron Katie. She’s also a self-inquiry coach and facilitator for a non-profit recovery group for addiction-affected family members.

Family recovery from addiction is a difficult and long process but with support anything is possible!

Please welcome Debbie to our Co-Creator family!

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