Generational Neurodivergence

Generational Neurodivergence seems to be more common than we think.

Our brave mental health advocate, Missy says that she sees some improvement in the school system since her time. However, there are still some issues that parents are fighting to advocate for their children.

She grew up feeling isolated and bullied by her peers for having a different way of learning. She felt that she was looked at as being different in a negative way because she was placed in a different learning support classroom yet had the same electives, lunch, and recess with her peers. So, she learned early on that keeping quiet and to herself was how she could cope.

Even though she noticed that her child didn’t seem as isolated in his school as she felt growing up, there were still some issues with what he needed academically. After many discussions with the school and noticing he wasn’t receiving the resources that he needed, it was clear that the time had come to pull him out of that school. Her time researching different schools paid off because he is doing so much better now.

Although Generational Neurodivergence seems to be more common than we think, Missy didn’t allow the stigma that she felt stop her from working hard to get her associates degree so she could live her dream of working with children. She says that she did not want to be a statistic!

Missy’s biggest message is for parents to continue to advocate for their children!!

Please welcome Missy to our Co-Creator family!

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