About Co-Creating Impact Podcast

Co-Creating Impact is Removing the Social Media Mask by sharing what’s beneath your smile as we are all slowing down for mental health.

We are an all-inclusive community podcast. A safe place to share your story and the resources/tools that’s worked for you in times of stress.

Each episode is unique with the passion and wisdom that each co-creator has learned with their ever-evolving journey.

Share your passion and how it’s impacted your life and/or the lives of others. This is your time to be heard and to help others along the way.

The sky is the limit on topics to share. From health, mental wellness, music, cars, food, spirituality, relationships, sports, hobbies, and etc. You get the idea, just bring your passion and knowledge to the table my friend! 

About Co-Creating Impact Music

Co-Creating Impact is Removing the Social Media Mask by sharing what’s beneath your smile as we are all slowing down for mental health.

We feature Indie artists with their downloadable EPKS. Each artist has their own individual page showcasing their gallery, their original music, venue dates, links to where they are currently distributing and selling their music such as “Cdbaby”, and any other media like “Spotify”.

About Lori

Lori is our Host and the Content Creator for Co-Creating Impacts Podcast, Social Media, Emails, Youtube, and Website. 

She is a self proclaimed non-professional, non-corporate, awkward GenXer who is actively unmasking.

When invited, Lori has a natural born gift of holding space for others without judgement, comparison, interruption, invasive questioning, and/or unsolicited advice. Leaving space for comfortable silence to process emotions, to be heard, seen, validated, and believed.

Find her on SlothFriends.com Slowing Down For Mental Health. Online Stories/Services/Merchandise.

About Mikey 

Mikey is our Website Designer, music/video editor, and manages the music department  for Co-Creating Impacts Website and Spotify music channel.

Mikey has been programming and creating websites for 30 years. He was first hired by a Fortune 500 company as a web programmer in 2008. His main job was being a programmer and handling Google analytics along with maintenance on websites such as; Toronto Now, Sevierville, Gatlinburg, Dollywood, Hilton, Emerald Island, Great Mall of America and Atlanta Underground.

Due to “Stay in Place” issued out because of Corona virus in 2020, he found a way to keep his mind busy by finding the TikTok app. He quickly started meeting people and understanding what the app was about. It helped him with his bord’em and also with his depression and anxiety. He found a community with people that were understanding, caring and going thru the same. TikTok has helped him thru the harsh reality of this pandemic and continues to use the application everyday.

Mikey has his own web design company (ProductionQue) that offers complete web design, logo creations, business card and brochure printing.
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