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Benefits of Podcast Advertising

  • Your advantage to advertise with us is that your ad will be heard and/or Seen. Co-Creating Impact has 2 formats (audio & video) which is hosted on Youtube and Buzzsprout. 
  • We are currently listed on 16 directories (iHeart, Spotify, Apple Podcast etc.) Each time a podcast episode is recorded and uploaded, it automatically places that episode on every directory we’re listed on.  
  • You get double the exposure by being heard on the podcast stations and YouTube and then also seen (if chosen) on YouTube.
  • We also put the Podcast on this Website and place clips onto all our Social Media. This helps to get more eyes and/or ears onto the Podcast which will get more eyes and/or ears on your ad.

Ad Placements

* Pre-roll ads are typically 15-30 seconds long and run before or after the show’s intro.

* Mid-roll ads last 30-90 seconds and occur about halfway through an episode.

* Post-roll ads are usually 15-30 seconds and play just before or after the closing credits.

For further information to advertise with us, please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you with your advertisement.

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