Generational Neurodivergence

Generational Neurodivergence seems to be more common than we think. Our brave mental health advocate, Missy says that she sees some improvement in the school system since her time. However, there are still some issues that parents are fighting to advocate for their children. She grew up feeling isolated and bullied by her peers for […]


The biggest impact in Marks life to write poetry began with his middle school English teachers positivity and discipline on a children’s book project. Teachers are the BEST!! He recalls how middle school aged kids could be bullies and how this became part of his way to work through childhood stressors. When a close personal […]

Superhero Nurses

We can’t say enough about our superhero nurses! They are an amazing gift to us all. Eric is sharing his experience and what tools he uses in times of stress as a nurse. No one was prepared for what happened in 2020! Some establishments handled things better than others. Just as some people handled it […]

Weight Loss Accountability

When it comes to weight loss accountability, Elisa decided that she wanted to share her journey with her community through social media and through her blog. She’s found it’s something that helps her in times of struggle as well as with her triumphs. She has been focused and improving her food intake along with exercise […]

Family Recovery from Addiction

Let’s remove the stigma of family recovery from addiction. Debbie is sharing how addiction affects the entire family along with some fantastic resources. Addiction is the one disease where pain is the motivator for change. It is caused by a complex set of factors to include; genetic, environmental, fitting in, or it was just fun […]

Teaching with Compassion

Laura, our superhero, opens up about her life as well as sharing her tips and tricks for teaching with compassion. Even while the kids are now bouncing off the walls! Laura comes from a very religious upbringing and felt that her teaching beginnings were a little rocky. She says that a few of the kids […]

Emotionally Detaching from Objects

Emotionally detaching from objects doesn’t mean we can’t have a cozy/comfortable home. Maria is a single mom that went through so much in her life to include being homeless. She went from feeling a little lost after finally purchasing her first home on her own to now helping others with emotionally detaching from objects that […]

Family History

Knowing our family history is so important for many reasons. Anastacia shares details of finding her blood relations through Ancestry DNA after going with her instincts of feeling like an outsider for so long. Keeping secrets can be damaging when it comes to our family history. Once the truth comes out, it’s such a relief. […]